Women get bored with their partners in such a month in relation!

The girls look very happy in relation for some time. But over time the color of the relationship starts to fade. Even run away from sexual relations. According to a new research, women become bored with sex in just one year of being with a partner. In long relationships, they do not pay attention to sex.

Women get bored with partners:

Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco have done several research, one of which was done by researchers at Southampton University. They surveyed 11,508 people in the UK and found that the interest in sex in women waned very quickly, while in men it does not.

Among the participants in the survey, 6,669 were females and 4,839 were males. All of them have been actively having sex with their partners for the past one year. The survey revealed that the maximum interest of women in sex remains for only one year. She then begins to feel bored with sex.

Women also lose interest in sex life due to their children. Participants in the survey, when asked, stated that in the last three months, 50 percent of the women had shown an anorexia towards sex.

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