Wife Sakshi Dhoni made this big disclosure about former Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Cricket lovers and cricketers are only waiting for when cricket will start, but Sakshi Dhoni, wife of former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, has something else.

He has told that if cricket does not start this year, his and his family’s plan is to go to Uttarakhand and live in a small village there. Sakshi has confessed this by chatting live on Instagram with Chennai Super Kings i.e. CSK on Sunday.

Sakshi has said, “If cricket starts after lockdown then cricket will be taken care of. If cricket does not start after lockdown then Mahi and I have planned to go to the mountains. We will go to Uttarakhand. Mahi I like ice a lot. ” Dhoni’s wife Sakshi has admitted that the lockdown has not changed her life much. Mahi, I and Jeeva all like to live together, eat and play.

He has told, “We always like to live in Ranchi. Most of the Mahi’s go to the stadium and I go to the gym and Jeeva goes to school. That’s it. Mahi’s friends also come home. We And Jeeva plays with dogs. ” Witnesses have also said that if they go to Uttarakhand after the lockdown is removed, they will go by road, not by air, because the road will be safer than the corona virus.

Let me tell you that MS Dhoni, who last landed in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup, was to return to IPL 2020, but this could not be possible, because due to Corona virus, the IPL has to be postponed till the next order. Apart from this, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has not been able to make his place in the BCCI annual contract this year, because he had not played a single international match since the World Cup.


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