#VirushkaDivorce trended fast on Twitter, know what will really happen

On social media, some such news or topics are trending on the days, which have nothing to do with reality. A few days ago, news of the retirement of former captain MS Dhoni of Team India spread and this news started trending on Twitter. Now a similar trending topic is going on Twitter with Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma.

Since Friday evening, a hashtag related to Virat and Anushka’s divorce started trending on Twitter. This trend called #VirushkaDivorce surprised the users. However, it was soon understood that this was just a rumor. According to the reports, an old news story related to the separation of Virat and Anushka started happening. This news was of 2016 and Kohli-Anushka was not married at that time. However the two were in a relationship and separated for some time.

It was spread as the divorce of Virat and Anushka and then it started trending. Recently, there was a ruckus about the web series ‘Patal Lok’ produced by Anushka Sharma and a BJP MLA from UP had said that Virat should divorce Anushka. However, Twitter users soon turned this trend into a joke and started making different types of mimes and sharing them.


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