Use it to make those moments more enjoyable after marriage

If you want to enjoy married life, then after marriage, special attention needs to be given to your food and drink. After marriage, your eating and drinking habits and things used in eating and drinking have a profound effect on the marital life. It is very important to have a physical relationship in a married life, without this, your relationship cannot come close. By taking these things you can make your partner happy….

1. Banana: – Potassium and Vitamin B6 are found in high quantity in banana. These elements of banana work to increase the power of love hormones.

2. Red meat: – Red meat has a very effective element called L-carnitine. Very beneficial for men. It works to increase the testosterone levels of men, so eating red meat is also very beneficial.

3. Chocolate: – Chocolate contains phenlethalamine element, using it improves mood and brings sweetness in marital relationships.

4. Garlic: – Eating garlic makes your married life better. Consuming garlic increases blood circulation in the organs.

5. Spinach: – Iron in the leaves of spinach is filled with cod, which is effective in blood circulation and strength in the body.

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