Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju urges states to watch rising issues of corona virus epidemic

Seeing the growing issue of Corona virus epidemic, Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju urged the states not to hurry in the restoration of sports. Reviewing the possibilities of resumption of sports activities in the country, Rijiju urged the states not to restore sports in the next two-three months.

He said, “States have to decide independently when they can start sports activities. I would request him to stay for two to three months.

Sports Minister said, “We can start sports programs for limited and non-contracted sports. There are some states that have opened their sports centers and started some sports training. With the situation improving, we should try to restart the on-field games. ”

Many of the states / union territories participating in the two-day conference have started sports activities, while others are planning it. Delhi, Sikkim, Lakshadweep, Chandigarh, Goa have already started activities related to non-contracted sports like table tennis, badminton, archery, shotput, javelin throwing etc. Nagaland is planning to introduce district level competitions in football and indigenous sports. Jharkhand has plans to start sports from September, while Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar and Mizoram are preparing SOPs to start sports.

During the conference, Rijiju also spoke on the relevance of the Fit India movement in this era of Kovid-19, because being healthy and increasing immunity are two important factors in defeating the virus. He said, “I request all the states to continue the Fit India activities during Kovid and to add common people in fitness related activities. Enrollment of schools as Fit India schools can help in making healthy living a way of life for the students. ”

Rijiju said that there are several criteria for the eligibility of the school as a Fit India School, but out of these, incorporating fitness activities in the daily curriculum is an important step. Everyday fitness can help to increase their immunity on a large scale for school going students.


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