This private part of the girls’ body opens many of their hidden private secrets

One can find out about their nature by looking at the structure of girls’ body parts. On the basis of the chest of women, their nature is told. Women whose chest is wide, they are courageous, egoistic and angry nature and at the same time they try to run their coin on the family and also succeed.

These organs open many secrets:

Women whose chest is red or completely black, those women are going to give birth to beautiful and more sons and at the same time, women like to stay away from worldly deceit.

Women who have light hair on their chest, they are delightful to many men as well as very expert in lying.

Women whose chest is high and strong, they are going to enjoy many types of pleasures and are full of wealth and opulence.
Women whose chest is low and hanging, there is a possibility of impoverishment in the family they go to, they are never happy nor can they keep their husband happy.

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