This person can be the contender for the post of International Cricket Council ie ICC

There will be no Indian contender for the post of International Cricket Council i.e. ICC chairman, because England’s Coleen Graves is in the race to become the chairman.

There were discussions that Sourav Ganguly, President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, BCCI, would be a contender to become the boss of the ICC, but this chance seems unlikely. However, there is no internal discussion on this yet.

The ICC Board announced after its June 10 meeting that the decision on the stage of the World Cup in Australia in October-November will be announced in July. At the same time, the election process is to be held on Thursday. The board can finalize the last date for filing nominations and the election process. Shashank Manohar’s successor was to be elected ahead of the July 24-27 ICC Annual Conference in Cape Town.

In the changed circumstances, the officers have to decide whether the process can be completed online or wait till the situation becomes normal. While there is no major rule for this, BCCI usually shares the news with member associations before nominating someone for an ICC position. The BCCI also feels that other members of the ICC will not accept any other Indian as President after Manohar.

The BCCI officer, while speaking to The Indian Express, said, “I think we have to at least leave the word before the next Indian is ICC president. Unless there is a big dialogue between the boards of all nations , Till then, one Indian after another is unlikely to be one after the other. In a way it is good for the BCCI. The current crop of officers is new. Until the ICC elects its next president, they will mature Will be smart. “

To contest the post of ICC President, a candidate must have experience of attending at least one ICC board meeting and must be nominated by a former or current member of the board. In this way, apart from Sourav Ganguly, former BCCI presidents N Srinivasan and Anurag Thakur have fulfilled these criteria. However, after becoming the President of ICC, no one can hold any position in any cricket board.


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