This major change in the remaining season of English Premier League (EPL), know the news

In the remaining seasons of the English Premier League (EPL), teams will now be able to change 5 players in every match instead of three. This decision was taken in a meeting held in the presence of all the parties on Thursday. The league had to be halted on 13 March due to Corona. Now it is expected to start 95 days later from June 17.

EPL issued a statement saying – In the remaining season of 2019-2020, now teams will be able to submit five players in every match. The first three players were allowed to change. Last month, the International Football Association Board (IAFB), which framed the rules of football, approved the proposal for temporary amendment of FIFA. The current change in EPL is in accordance with that.

Over 5 thousand corona tests have been conducted in EPL so far

In addition, 20 clubs of EPL increased the maximum number of Substitute players on the bench from seven to 9 for the rest of the season. There is no risk of corona infection on the league, so players and club staff have been tested in five stages so far.

So far 5079 tests have been done. Out of this 13 reports have come positive. Here, small groups of players in the Premier League between Corona have started training since 27 May.

Changes will be applicable on the tournament to be held till 31 December

Last month, FIFA sent a proposal related to temporary amendments in football rules to the IAFB due to coronavirus. In this, keeping in mind the health of the players, it was said that the exemption of three institutes in the match was five. The IAFB had approved this temporary proposal of FIFA. This change will apply to the tournament to be held by 31 December this year.

These changes will happen after FIFA proposal is approved

  • Teams can convert up to five players in a match
  • Do not waste time, so the subscriptions will be in half time
  • Every team will have 3 chances to take a subscription during the match.
  • If a team does not use it in half time, then it can be taken advantage of over time.

Liverpool in first place

EPL was stopped on 13 March due to Corona. At that point, Liverpool topped the points table with 82 points. Manchester City and Leicester City are in third place with 57 points in second place. It has 53 digits.


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