This line of hand opens many secrets of love affairs and marriage life

Everyone has a special curiosity about their marriage whether their love will be married or arranged. At what age will you get married? Astrologers are also consulted for its information. But by hand line you can learn many interesting things about your love life. The marriage line is under the shortest finger of the hand. There is one in one’s hand or more than one in one’s hand. People who have more than one marriage line in their hands are trapped in a love affair.

People whose marriage line is bent downwards. They are always troubled in their married life. People in whose hands the marriage line is divided into two branches. Such people are at risk of marriage breakdown. People whose marriage line is broken in the middle, their marriage is likely to break once. The life partner of the boys who have the same marriage line in their right hand loves them very much. The love of those whose heart line is straight and the moon mountain is advanced, true and successful.

If the marriage line is broken or cut, then there is a possibility of marriage breakdown. If a woman has an island sign at the beginning of the marriage line, then she is married by fraud. The person in whose palm the marriage line is near the heart line, the person who is near the age of 20 years and whose marriage line falls between the little finger and the heart line, is likely to be married after the age of 22 years.

According to palmistry, if a line emerges from the palm of Venus in the palm and goes to the marriage line, then it is an indicator of secret love. The part below the thumb is called Venus mountain. If there is a line from Manibandhi to Mount Shani, then such natives are married to a person of old age.

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