This great tension in cricket between India and Pakistan remains

In the cricket match between India vs Pakistan, the thrill and the extreme depends on its tension. Whenever there is a match between these two, then India-Pakistan fans all over the world stick to the TV set.

The stadium is full. Due to this, there is tremendous stress on the players of both the nations. Now England umpire Ian Gould told that not only the players, but also the umpires have a lot of pressure. It is very difficult to umpire in the competition between these two nations. He said that it is really very scary. However, he also said that this is not due to the players. They are amazing people.

Crowd and noise can distract attention

Umpire Gold said that he has umpired seven-eight matches played between India and Pakistan. The players of these two nations are amazing. These two are with each other. But the real problem is congestion and noise. If you allow the crowd to dominate yourself, then that noise and Mexican web or whatever it is called, may distract your attention. And then you slowly start to miss small things. It becomes a very difficult place.

Gold has retired after World Cup 2019

This great England umpire had already announced his retirement from umpiring before the World Cup (ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2019) held in Britain last year. Gold had said that he would retire from umpiring after the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup 2019. He played for the last time in his career during the World Cup last year, umpiring the match between India and Sri Lanka on July 6.


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