This decision was made on the T20 World Cup through tele-conference of the Board of International Cricket Council i.e. ICC

On Thursday May 28, the ICC board meeting is to be held through tele-conference. It is in this meeting that a decision is to be taken on the ICC T20 World Cup 2020,

Which is proposed for October-November in Australia, but reports are being said that the T20 World Cup is being postponed due to Corona virus and it is time for the Board of Control for Cricket in India, ie BCCI, to organize IPL. , But before organizing IPL, India has to deal with the conditions of corona virus.

The decision to postpone the ICC T20 World Cup not for a few months or a year, but for two years, can come up in the ICC Board meeting on Thursday i.e. Thursday, because in 2021 also T20 World Cup is proposed in India. In such a situation, two World Cups cannot be held in a year. So this year’s T20 World Cup will be held in 2022. Sources in the ICC have told about the possibility of preparing blue prints for bilateral series in the board meeting.

On the condition of anonymity, the ICC board member has told news agency PTI, “There is a good chance that the World T20 will be postponed during Thursday’s board meeting. Whether or not there will be a formal announcement is a question. This situation (Corona Virus epidemic) there is little chance of the World T20 moving forward. I don’t think Cricket Australia or the top cricket board will have any difficulty in postponing it. “

In this board meeting of the ICC it can also be safely concluded that Hindustan will visit Australia later this year, because the members of the ICC have more preference for bilateral engagements to overcome the financial loss during the epidemic. There is a possibility of giving The board member has also said that not only the nations but also Star Sports will suffer a lot, as it has BCCI domestic cricket and IPL rights in addition to ICC events.

The 13th season of IPL was to begin from March 29, which was to last until May 24, but due to Corona virus, the BCCI got out its window. Even in the next few months, IPL 2020 is not expected to happen. In such a situation, the BCCI also had an October-November window to organize the IPL, for which the Indian Cricket Board had to wait for the ICC’s decision to postpone the T20 World Cup, which is now almost possible.


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