This big decision on IPL event due to Coronavirus, what will be the match

The current season of IPL has already been postponed indefinitely due to coronavirus. Meanwhile, the BCCI is preparing to organize the T20 World Cup at the end.

According to the information, there is a possibility of IPL from 25 September to 30 October. That is, the tournament will run for 36 days. There will be two matches every day.

This season there will not be a format like Home and Away (in the home of the opposition team). There is a possibility of a full tournament on five vans. There will be less than the tournament.

IPL is difficult if World Cup happens
T20 World Cup is to be held in Australia in October-November. The ICC will decide on the hosting of the World Cup next month. This can be avoided. However, Australia has allowed 25% of the fans to come to the stadium. In such a situation, the hope of organizing has increased. If the World Cup happens then the IPL will be difficult to organize. With the absence of IPL, the board will incur a loss of about 4 thousand crores. Apart from this, players will also not get salary of crores of rupees.

If Corona is not reduced then the event outside the country
Due to Coronavirus, matches will be played in select stadiums of the country. No decision has been taken yet on the arrival of fans. If the situation in the country does not improve, then it will be organized outside the country. Corona free country will get importance. New Zealand has declared itself a Corona-free country. In such a situation there is a discussion about organizing there too. There is also a possibility of organizing in Sri Lanka and UAE.

The semi-finals will be between the top-4 team
Most of the IPL were played 2–2 on Saturdays and Sundays only. This time due to the event on shorter days, there will be two matches each day. This time there will not be a format like playoff. The playoffs consist of qualifier-1, eliminator and qualifier-2. This time after the league match, semi-final matches will be played between the top-4 teams. It is the board’s best effort to bring foreign players into the league as well.

Domestic tournaments can start in november
From August every year, BCCI used to organize domestic tournaments. But this time it will be started from November. Because before this the IPL will go on. This is also the domestic tournament of the board. The Duleep Trophy will be held first. After this, there will be Ranji Trophy matches. Then Vijay Hazare will be played in ODI tournament and finally Syed Mushtaq Ali T20.


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