There is a long innings to play in sex …

Do you know that often stressful lifestyle and any prolonged disease also cause low sperm count problem. Low sperm count or mail infertility problems may prevent men from becoming fathers. Stressful lifestyle and due to a long illness also causes this problem many times. However, timely relief and help from the doctor can be relieved from this difficulty.

carrot: Vitamin A deficiency is considered to be a primary cause of the problem of infertility. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A. Vegetables like carrots and beetroot are the most sources of vitamin A.

dark chocolate: A special type of amino acid is found in dark chocolate. This element acts to increase sperm count.

Garlic: Elements such as allicin and selenium are found in this versatile spice. Both these elements improve the circulation of blood towards sexual organisms.

Ginseng: This herb has been described as an medicine of infertility in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic experts have been advising to drink ginseng mixed with tea or slice its powder.

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