The Indian Bridge Federation nominated this winning pair for the prestigious Arjuna Award

The Asian Bridge gold medalist pair of Shibnath Sarkar and Pranab Bardhan have been nominated by the Indian Bridge Federation for the prestigious Arjuna Award. Bardhan and the government won the gold medal in the Jakarta Asian Games bridge competition. Bardhan (now 62 years) became the oldest Asian champion of India.

Pranab Bardhan told PTI-language from his residence in Jadavpur, “Last year our names were not enrolled and it was a long wait for us. Hopefully we will get this award this year, which will give a new direction to this game in the country.

The bridge federation has sent a form to both of them and asked them to fill it in two days. The last date for nomination is June 3. Bardhan and Bhaduri have been playing bridge for more than two decades.

He said, “My whole life has been devoted to this game. Earlier people used to ridicule us for playing cards, but the Asian Games gold medal in 2018 has changed the outlook of everyone.

Please tell that Bridge was included in the Asian Games for the first time. This Indian pair had won the gold medal by beating China’s Lixin Yang and Gang Chen (378 points). After winning the gold medal, Bardhan said, “This game is based on logic.” It is a mind game like chess but more challenging than that. In chess, two players play against each other. Here you have to play with your partner with whom you cannot talk during the match. You have to understand each other’s moves. “


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