The head of the France Tennis Federation (FFT) made this major decision on organizing the French Open

France Tennis Federation (FFT) chief Bernard Guidicelli on Sunday admitted that the postponed French Open could be held at the vacant stadium. The French Open has been postponed for four months due to the epidemic. Guidicelli said that he had kept all his options open.

Earlier, he had said that FFT has no regrets for unilaterally deciding the grand slam on Clay from May 24 to June 7, from September 20 to October 4.

“We have not ruled out any alternative,” Guidicelli told the Journal de Dimanche. The tournament will be held in the stadium and will be seen on the TV screen. He said, “Crores of people are waiting all over the world. A portion of the commercial model – TV rights (more than one-third of the tournament’s revenue) will continue to operate in the empty stadium. This cannot be ignored.

Due to this, almost all tennis tournaments across the world have been stalled since the middle of March and will not start again before July 13. Let us know that the transition of K is continuously increasing. Its number of infected in the world has crossed the 40 lakh mark. According to the latest data, 40,59,369 people have been infected with the disease so far in 187 nations and regions. Of these, 2,77,973 people have lost their lives.

Still tops the issue of Infections and Deaths. There 13,27,921 people have been affected while 78,849 people have died. At the same time, Spain and Britain are at the top in the deaths of patients in Europe. So far 2,62,783 people have fallen prey to it in Spain and 26,478 people have died from it.

So far 2,15,260 people have been infected in the UK and 31,587 have lost their lives. In Italy too, the death toll has crossed 30 thousand. So far, 30,395 people have died while 2,18,268 have fallen prey to it.


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