The great feats of New Zealand and Canterbury team’s batsman Matt Saare said goodbye to the world

New Zealand and Canterbury team’s bat batsman Matt Poore died on Friday. Matt was all 90 years old and his condition was serious for the last few days. However, Matt has lived all his life and said goodbye to this world.

Matt was involved in some of the tours of the entire New Zealand team, where he and the team had done very well. There is a wave of mourning in the Kiwi team due to the death of Matt.

Matt was part of the entire team in 1953 when the New Zealand team toured South Africa and then Pakistan and India in 1955. Matt was the 63rd player to play Test cricket for New Zealand. Matt Saare played only 14 Test matches in his career, because in those days there was no one-day cricket and only a few matches were played in the year. This is the reason that former great players used to play less matches.

Matt Sare played his first match against South Africa. In March 1953, Matt Sare scored 45 runs in the first innings of the debut match and 8 not out in the second innings. This match was a draw, but Matt Sare left an impression in the first match. He scored 355 runs in 14 Tests without any century and half-century. As an off-spinner, he made a total of 9 players in his Test career.

Even Matt Saare, who scored 45 runs in the first innings of his Test career, did not know that even after playing more than a dozen matches, his career best score would be 45 runs. Matt Saare played his last match against India on Indian soil. In this match played in January 1956, Matt Sare did the entire New Zealand team kneel against Hindustan and this match was defeated by the difference of innings and more than 100 runs. After this, he never got a chance to play for the country.


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