The famous WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley came in the ring and said this big thing

Who does not know the famous WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley in today’s time, winning more than one match as well as ruling the hearts of the people. Bobby Lashley has also played and won many big matches, since which he has increased even more.

At the WWE’s Money in the Bank, Montel Vontavius ​​Porter and R-Truth were going to have a tough fight between the two giants. While the truth before the match taught the MVP about ‘ball’ and handling the match, and after that he taught many such things and lessons, while Bobby Lashley came to the ring and asked the MVP to take off at night .

For the sake of information, let us know that when the match started, Bobby Lashley’s antagonist tried to get him out of the match ring, but Lashley quickly overcame him. He threw Truth across the ring and dropped him with a Spinebuster. Lashley bounced off the ropes and did a true flow with Spear for a simple win.


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