The big deal between the football clubs of Europe after the start of the Corona disaster

After the start of the Corona disaster, there was a major agreement between the football clubs of Europe for the first time. Paris Saint Germain (PSG) has added international footballer Moro Icardi of Argentina to Inter Milan on a four-year deal.

On Sunday, both clubs announced this. Forward player Icardi was associated with PSG this season and he was very impressed by scoring 20 goals in 31 matches. After this, due to Corona virus epidemic, League One had to be interrupted and PSG was declared the winner. French club PSG said in a statement, ‘Paris Saint Germain is pleased to announce that a permanent agreement has been signed with Morro Icardi. Earlier this strike was associated with the team from Inter Milan on loan in the 2019-2020 season.
This is the first major transfer in Europe since the Kovid-19 crisis began. After the 27-year-old Icardi joined the now 33-year-old Uruguay striker and Addison Cavani, who has been the top scorer in the club’s history, may have to say goodbye to the club after his contract expires on 30 June.


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