Tennis player Spain’s Rafael fighter plane Nadal said, “Can not participate in US Open”

Spain’s Rafael fighter plane Nadal, the world’s number two tennis player, has said that under the current circumstances he cannot travel to New York to participate in the US Open.

The Corona virus has brought tennis activities to a standstill, but there is a possibility about the US Open. Nadal said, “If you ask me now whether I will travel to New York to participate in the US Open at present, then I will not respond.” But I don’t know in the next few months, there is a possibility that I may go. “

Nadal said, “We need to know more about the virus and the current situation. New York is one of the cities where the corona virus has been highly affected. ” On starting a tennis match without an audience, Nadal said, “To be honest, I did not like the scheme. But if it is the only solution then why not. I believe this in this issue. I cannot understand tennis without the energy of the spectators. “

Had the French Open tennis tournament not been postponed due to the Corona virus epidemic, the tournament would have been running in the second week and Rafael fighter plane Nadal would have been busy in his 20th Grand Slam title, but instead he was doing light exercise at his home in Spain Huh. Like everyone else, he is not sure whether the next Grand Slam tournament will be able to be held in the US Open or not.

Meanwhile, American doubles player Rajiv Ram said that players will not be able to feel 100 percent safe until the corona virus vaccine is made. He said that the US Open should be held only when all the players are able to travel to New York.

Rajiv, who won his first grand slam in the men’s doubles at the Australian Open this year, said, “I don’t think a player will feel safe without a vaccine because the players will always be at risk of being exposed to the virus.”

Rajiv Ram said, “This virus spreads and in any game, players come in contact with each other. Without the vaccine there will always be a risk of this virus. I don’t think the US Open or any tournament should be held until most players feel safe while playing. “


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