Team India fast bowler Mohammad Shami’s wife Haseen Jahan made big allegations

With Team India pacer Mohammed Shami, where everything is going well on the cricket field, he is facing difficulty in his personal life.

His wife Hasin Jahan has made serious allegations against Mohammed Shami like domestic violence, women affair and match fixing, which is under investigation. Both of them have been living separately since their marriage soured. In the midst of all these controversies, where Mohammed Shami is always silent on this issue, Haseen where Shami continues to accuse Shami for some or the other, is looking for an opportunity to taunt Shami. In this episode, this time he has put a very provocative picture on his social media Instagram and taunts Shami again in the signs. It is written- ‘Yesterday you were nothing, then I was Pakistan, today you have become something, then I have become evil.’

An Instagram post also shows a man like Shami

Hasin Jahan has posted a nude picture with a man on his Instagram account. This man is seen Mohammed Shami. However, it cannot be said whether the man is Mohammad Shami or someone else or where is this picture from. Posting this picture, Hasin Jahan has written with cricketer Shami Ahmed. Apart from this, he has also written a message on this picture. He has written- ‘Yesterday you were nothing, then I was Pakistan, today you have become something, then I have become evil. Unmasking the false burqa cannot erase reality. Crocodile tears are the support of a few days only.

The dispute has been going on for two years

There has been a confrontation between Mohammad Shami and Hasin Jahan for almost two years. Hasin Jahan accused her husband Mohammed Shami of domestic violence and relation with another woman and also put some chats on social media. Apart from this, he also said that Mohammed Shami’s family wants to kill him. Hasin did not stop at this place. He also accused Shami of spot fixing. Talking about all these issues during the lockdown, Mohammed Shami even spoke to Rohit Sharma during his Instagram live chat that he had gone into depression early in this confrontation and had thought of suicide many times.


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