Sports Department issued this guideline to start sports in Green Zone

Sports activities are going to start in the Green Zone area of ​​Madhya Pradesh from Thursday. While the ban will continue in the Red Zone. The sports department has issued a guideline on Wednesday to start sports in the green zone. According to the guideline, the ban on the gym and swimming pool will continue.

Players will be able to train with masks and social distancing. During training, there will be only 10 to 12 players in the campus.

It will be the responsibility of the player to be infected during training

In order to exercise in the most important sports complex, players will have to provide a consent letter that if they get infected during the exercise then it will be their own responsibility. Also, spitting, sneezing and touching during training will be banned.

All group players must comply with these conditions

  • Entry of the player of the hot spot zone in the sports complex will be prohibited.
  • Only players will get admission in the campus. Viewers and family members will not be allowed.
  • Walking, jogging and yoga will be forbidden.
  • Social distancing (2 m distance) is necessary in training.
  • Players will not exchange sports equipment among themselves.
  • Before coming to the campus, the player has to sanitize his hands and feet. The player will bring the shoes related to the game separately. Will use before starting training.
  • The player must bring a personal kit (sporting goods, water vault, T-shirt, towbill, sanitizer etc.).
  • The grounds and equipment will be sanitized before and after training.
  • The player will have to leave as soon as the training is over.
  • It is compulsory not to enter the premises without masks, wearing masks even in training.
  • Thermal screening will take place before entering the sports complex.
  • If the signs of corona appear, the players will have to inform the stadium administration.

Games divided into four groups, 10 to 12 players in each game
Archery, athletics, shooting, badminton, tennis, cycling, fencing, golf, billiard snooker, weight lifting and table tennis. In these games, at most ten players will be able to stay at the training site.
Second: Football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, beach volleyball, handball and cricket. During these games, by dividing the field into 4 parts, training in different groups, the players of the group will not be interchanged, maximum 12 players.
Third: Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Taekwondo, Karate, Wushu and Malkhamb. According to the guideline, in these games, there is no permission to exercise among themselves, players will exercise with the help of dummy, punching bag, kicking bag, and most of the 12 players will remain.
Fourth: All water sports like kayaking-canoeing, sailing and rowing. In these games only one player in a boat, using the same boat in which only one player plays. Swimming will be completely forbidden, up to ten players.


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