Special measures to be done in the month of Sawan

Although every date of the month of Savan has its own importance, but when it comes to Monday, it is considered more special, the reason for this is that this day is dedicated to Bholenath in religious and astrology. So in this case, chances of pleasing Bholenath are more. So let us know about the special measures to be done in Saavn from Lal Kitab and Vastu’s Expert ….

1. Those who want to have a desired life partner or a love marriage, then they should touch on the Shivling on the Monday of Savan and offer a suhag box.

2. If there are problems in marital life or there are differences on small matters, then the husband and wife should offer white sandalwood, white sweets, curd and honey on the Shivling. Also clean the Shiva temple, sweetness will come in relationships.

3. To fulfill the wish of procreation, offer bananas, pomegranates, green witches and silver flutes to the Shivling.

4. Offer sweet paan and almonds to the Shivling to remove the differences related to debt and brother.

5. Children’s handicaps are coming in the life of the children. Offer turmeric yellow flowers banana betel leaves on the Shivling with the hands of children.

6. If there are health related problems in life, then offer saffron and rose flowers in the Ganges water on the Shivling. Later, bring some water from the offered water to the house, mix it in the bath water and take a bath, it will cure diseases.

7. There is also a belief that the person who sprinkles water on Shivling in the house etc. during the month of Saavan gets relief from all his troubles and negativity in the house is also reduced.

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