Sindhu posted the video of the challenge during the lockdown, reasons to know

Taking time out for every task between exit restrictions during lockdown is a big challenge, so keeping fit between the experiments being done in the kitchen watching YouTube every day has become even more difficult.

The World Badminton Champion has presented a challenge for such fans, who will have to demonstrate themselves by staying indoors using household items.

Sindhu posted the video of the challenge

Actually PV Sindhu has posted a video for her fans on her Instagram. In this video, Sindhu along with Gatorade India has given the fans a “Workout from Home” challenge. In the video, Sindhu has spoken of giving examples such as treating the house carpet as a yoga mat, using a water bottle kept in the fridge as a dumbbell, and understanding the stairs of the house as a treadmill, that if we can work from home, You can also do workouts, this is to show the world.

Choose the best from the videos of fans

Sindhu has asked fans to post their videos before 26 May. For this, fans need to post a #workoutfromhome video by writing #Gatoradefitnesschallange. Later, Sindhu will choose the best of those videos and repost them on her Instagram page. More than 33 thousand people have liked this challenge of Sindhu and people have also started posting their videos.

Inspired before this too

Sindhu, who became India’s first silver medalist woman player at the Olympics, had earlier inspired her fans to work out indoors. But now he has tried to make his fans more excited by presenting it as a challenge.


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