Ronaldo, the great Brazilian footballer, told Leonel Messi the number-1 footballer

Brazilian great footballer Ronaldo has also jumped into the debate of the Greatest of Alltime. He described Leonal Messi of Argentina as a favorite and best player. He has said that Messi is the number-1 footballer. He loves watching sports.

At the same time, Cristiano Ronaldo is also not in the top-5 in his list. Brazilian legend Ronaldo also likes the game of Salah, Aidan Hazard, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé.

Messi ready to stay in 12 months and Barcelona
According to ESPNFC report, Messi can play for one year and Barcelona club. Their agreement is expected to be extended. In 2017 Messi signed an agreement under which he is with the Barcelona club for the 2020-21 season. Under this, he can leave the club in June 2020.

Recently Messi said that it is too early to say how far the team can go after the start of the season amid the coronavirus epidemic. Currently, Barcelona’s La Liga are on top of the points table.

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