Players, including captain of Indian cricket team, expressed anger over the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala

Many players, including the captain of the Indian cricket team, have expressed anguish and surprise at the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala. In Malappuram district of Kerala, people fed a pineapple full of firecrackers to a pregnant elephant.

He died due to bursting of crackers in Hathini’s mouth. Captain Kohli is very hurt and angry with this incident. He has strongly condemned the incident by tweeting.

Kohli wrote in the tweet, ‘I am very disappointed and shocked to know the incident in Kerala. I request that animals should be cared for with love and such cowardly act should stop. Kohli has posted a picture of Hathni and a child in his stomach on Twitter via cartoon. Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has expressed his displeasure over the incident and has tweeted many. Bhajji said, ‘A pregnant elephant in Kerala was fed with firecrackers stuffed with pineapples. They should be punished. How can such ruthlessness be done with an innocent pregnant elephant. The star of the Indian women badminton star said that it is very sad. He wrote, ‘It is very sad to know that. ‘

The captain of the Indian football team called such people as demons and said, ‘She was an innocent pregnant elephant, it tells about the people she did. Demons. I very much hope that people will pay for it. We repeatedly fail nature. Tell me how we are more developed species?

Olympian women shooter Heena Sidhu wrote, ‘Not rocket science. This elephant is God and it is just an old elephant. Well just like he is a rich businessman and he is an ordinary migrant laborer or farmer. We all know who to worship and who to abuse. Local officials said that the Kerala Forest Department has started a search operation to catch those responsible for the death of a 15-year-old pregnant wild elephant.


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