Pakistani cricketers will fly away knowing your team’s record

Is considered to be the most ‘unpredictable’ team in the world. Looking at the game of Pakistan at the start of a tournament, experts do not know how it will perform in the end. The reason is that the height of the game is seen at the lowest level the next day.

Due to such performance, the Pakistan team has kept such a shameful record, which neither its fans nor Pakistani cricketers themselves would like to remember.

The record for the most batsmen out at 0 in the match

In both the ODI and Test cricket formats, the record of returning the pavilion by making a maximum of 6 batsmen 0 ie ‘Duck’ in the innings of a single team is recorded. In both formats, Pakistan’s name comes at the top of this record, because it was the first time the Pakistani team saw so many batsmen returning to the pavilion without scoring an innings. In ODI cricket, Pakistan made this record against England at the Birmingham ground in 1987, while for the first time in Test cricket, the West Indies bowled out 6 batsmen of the Pakistan team in the 1980 Karachi Test.

6 Pakistanis have rolled in ODIs 3 times

In ODI cricket it has happened 5 times that 6 batsmen of a team have been dismissed without scoring any runs and returned to the pavilion. The interesting thing is that in this too, the Pakistani team is the first, whose batsmen have made this record on 3 out of 5 occasions. Apart from England, the Pakistani team has registered a score of 6 batsmen in an innings against the West Indies in Cape Town in 1993 and against Sri Lanka in Colombo in 2012. On two other occasions, South Africa set an embarrassing record against Australia in 2002 in Sydney, Zimbabwe in the 2008 Harare ODI against Sri Lanka.


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