Now for 2 rupees the thing will get rid of blackness of elbows and knees

Blackening the elbows and knees is a common problem. The blackness on the elbows is actually layers of dirt. If we do not take proper care of them, then we have to bear these consequences. Today we are telling you some home remedies to get rid of blackness of elbows and knees. By trying them, you can get rid of blackness forever in a few days.

Why is blackness visible –

There are many reasons behind the blackness of elbows and knees. When the dead skin cells freeze at the elbow or knee, they turn black. Apart from this, when we rub elbows and knees more with the intention of cleaning, after that they become more black instead of being cleaned.

They are also black with more emphasis on elbows and knees. Many people sit at the knees and wipe or dusting at home. Which is the biggest cause of blackness. This should never be done. Joint blackness can also be a genetic problem. it occurs. Overweight means that the problem of blackness of elbows and knees can also be faced due to excessive obesity or excessively thin.

Remedy to remove …

To get rid of the blackness of the elbows and knees, follow the procedure below, from beginning to end. Only then will you get a good result. First of all make 2-4 slices of cucumber. Now take 1 slush and rub it on the affected limb for 10 to 15 minutes. After this leave it for 5 minutes and now wash it with cold water. Now the second process is scrubbed. Take baking soda in a container to scrub. If it is not there, you can also use sugar. Now include some quantity of milk in it. Mix them. Now scrub at the black spot for 5 minutes. You can also use a brush during scrub. It will be much better cleaned.

Now to make whitening pack, mix 2 spoons onion paste, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, half teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon gram flour and mix them well. Onion contains anti-oxidant which deepens the skin to deep and removes blackness. Lemon has 6 percent citric acid which lightens skin tone. Honey is a natural bleaching and makes skin pores clean and shiny.

Besan is a skin whitening agent. Along with cleansing the face, it also removes stains. Leave this pack for 30 minutes and leave. Now wash with clean water. We claim that only after doing this process 3 to 4 times, you will get rid of blackness of elbows and knees forever.

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