Never forget to be extinguished by feet and blows;

We know that we inadvertently make many mistakes which we should not do. It is necessary to keep working hard to achieve any goal, but even after working hard many people are unable to get the desired results. In this case Vastu can help you.

Keep these things in mind:

Fire is considered to be a deity, therefore, a candle or match stick should never be extinguished by burning it, nor should a fireball be extinguished.

Always put the mirror in the kitchen to the north. By doing this, there will never be a shortage of food in your house.

Keep the idol of Lord Ganesha at home and in the office. Success will kiss your footsteps.

Having an aquarium at home is considered auspicious. Always keep eight golden-colored fish in the aquarium. Doing this will increase your good fortune.

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