Mumbai Indians coach Jayawardene made this big disclosure on Rohit’s captaincy

The coach of Mumbai Indians finally revealed the secret of the captaincy success. According to Jayawardene, even though Rohit looks like a natural captain on the field, his hard work is hidden behind his success.

Not only this, Rohit is also fond of finding out more and more weaknesses of the opposition team and once he gets to know these weaknesses, then Rohit uses these to create a good strategy for the opposition teams. This is Rohit’s strategy, he has a lot of work in the match and on this basis, he is successful in defeating the opposition team many times.

Let us remind you here that Mumbai Indians are the closest team of IPL. Mumbai Indians have won the IPL title four times under Rohit’s captaincy and Mumbai Indians is the first and only team to have done such a feat in the history of this tournament. Jayawardene, in his interview to a sports channel, praised Rohit Sharma’s captaincy and said that Rohit’s strongest side is to collect some information about every player of the opposition team. Rohit uses this information very carefully because he already knows which player’s strength and weekness are. For this reason, Mumbai Indians bowlers have been dominated by the IPL’s 12-year history.

Talking about this, Jayawardene said, “Definitely he (Rohit) is a natural leader. But at the same time Rohit collects a lot of information which I think is his strong side. Rohit has a lot of information and loves to know about things and uses them during the match. ‘

Jayawardene further said, ‘He gives reactions on this basis. Everyone feels that they are making decisions naturally but they have information. Therefore, when you are prepared, it helps you to make natural decisions and you are able to make decisions on time. You can expect the same from them and they are excellent in this. ‘


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