Model Elli Avram told why she posted about Hardik

Hardik Pandya is very much in discussion about his personal life these days. After getting engaged earlier this year, Pandya recently announced that Bollywood actress Natasha and she are going to be parents. Until last year, Pandya’s image was that of a Playboy. Her name was associated with many actresses and models.

One of them was Elli Avram. Ellie and Hardik’s affair in the Mickey Virus film was discussed for a long time. Elli did not say anything about Hardik’s engagement but shared a picture of himself after which speculations were being made that Eli had cast it for Hardik. Now Elli had said while clarifying that he did not think that his post would be interpreted as such.

Ellie told why she did that post
Actually, after the engagement of Hardik Pandya and Natasha Stankovic on January 1, Ellie shared a picture in which she was seen alone. He wrote in the caption of the picture, ‘This time be your own angel. ‘People had said at that time that Eli has given a message to Hardik with this caption. Although now Eli has misunderstood it. Elie Avram told in an interview, ‘Hardik has nothing to do with the post I posted three days after the new year. I wonder how you exaggerate any thing. If I have to say something to Hardik, I will message him, I do not need Instagram for that. I am really happy for Hearty and Natasha. ‘

El-Hardik’s affair was for a long time

There were reports about Elli and Hardik that the two are dating each other. Avaram also featured as a special guest in the marriage of Hardik’s brother Kunal. Due to this, this discussion was further strengthened. The two were seen walking and having dinner together many times. At the same time, he was also seen together at the airport. Both had never spoken openly about the relationship but it was clear that both are dating. However, the two later decided to separate.


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