Lunar Eclipse: Know the impact of lunar eclipse on India today…

new Delhi: While the country is facing disasters like the corona virus and natural disaster, an astronomical event is going to happen on Friday 5 June. The country has three eclipses in June and July, of which only two will occur in June. Among these are lunar eclipse on 5 June, solar eclipse on 21 June and lunar eclipse on 5 July. The pebble eclipse, which occurs only on June 21, will be visible in India. The lunar eclipse on 5 June and 5 July will not be visible in India and will not have any effect. This means that lunar eclipses occurring on 5 June and 5 July will not be considered in India. This is because it is a sub-shadow lunar eclipse. This type of eclipse is not considered pregnant.
The famous Jyotishacharya Acharya Pandit Rishi Dwivedi says that the lunar eclipse will begin on June 5, the day of Shukla Punya in the month of Jeth. During this time, the Moon will not be affected, and only its light will be visible. The eclipse time will be from 11.16 am to 2.34 pm, while the second lunar eclipse will take place on 5 July. It will also have no religious effect. In this also, the moon will only appear dirty.
The eclipse of the main eclipse is on the Krishna side of every month i.e. on Sunday 21 June. Pebble eclipses will be seen everywhere in India in the form of Khandagras solar eclipses. In Kurukshetra, Sirsa, Suratgarh, Joshi Math, Chamoli, Dehradun, etc., the position of the eclipse sun will be seen.
Apart from India, the eclipse will be seen in Africa, Southeast Europe, Middle East, Asia, Indonesia and Micronesia. It will touch on Moksha Divas at 10.31 am, 12.18 am and 2.04 pm.
Note that the first lunar eclipse of the year was on January 10, 2020 and after that it will now begin on June 5.

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