Learn the right way to orgasm

Do you also always find a stir to know the things related to sexual intercourse, never have intercourse during the day, intercourse should always be done only at night, that too only once. If possible, give a ‘gap’ in it too. From sometime before sunrise to after sunrise i.e., intercourse in the Brahman Muhurta is harmful from the point of view of health. Those who eat food till seven in the evening, except those who eat food till 10-11 pm, it is beneficial to have sexual intercourse after midnight.

Do not drink milk before bedtime, if you have to take milk then take it one hour before bedtime.

Do not have sexual intercourse with the woman at the time of menstruation.

Not even with a condom during these 4 days. To do so is to feast on many diseases.

Such sexual intercourse is not appropriate in any case, stay away from it.

Many men consider sexual intercourse to such an extent that even if their partner is cold or they are going through some other difficult situations, they have intercourse.

For your information, let us tell you that if any of the husband-wife is going through any mental problem like anger, anxiety, sorrow, mistrust etc., then sexual intercourse is not appropriate. That is, cohabitation is at the same time, when both husband and wife are fully happy. Many men take sexual intercourse as a mere formality and end this task only by considering semen ejaculation. Actually, haste in cohabitation is neither pleasing to the man nor satisfaction of the woman. So before the sexual intercourse make the partner fully aware of the sexual intercourse, only then you can get the real pleasure of sexual intercourse and can fully set the partner.

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