Know why Team India’s leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal compared Chase Board to cricket

Now that things are slowly being unlocked, Team India’s leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal is desperate to return to the ground. They say that cricket should just start. Be it World Cup or IPL.

Chahal is spending time with family in Gurugram. They want to say that the team should start practice only after the situation is under control. He compared the chase board to the cricket pitch and said, ‘Like the chase board, the leg spin, googly, flipper and down spin on the pitch are my weapons i.e. king, minister, elephant, horse.’

Chahal discussed with Bhaskar. Excerpts from his talks

Expert says that we have to learn to live with Corona. What changes do you see in cricket with Corona?
Chahal: ICC guidelines have come on this. We have to follow him. It is too early to say anything on the changes. We will not know until we get into the ground. Never played under such circumstances before.
In future, there is a plan to have the match without an audience till the vaccine arrives, what will be the experience for you?

Chahal:Will be slightly different. We always play among the audience. Feeling like first class will come in international matches. Those matches have almost no spectators. However, there is no alternative. Life is most important.
The use of saliva to shine the ball is being banned. Do you think the spinners will have any difficulty or advantage?

Chahal:Never played with such a ball. Don’t know how the ball will react. It drifts or swings. These things will be known only after practice.
Many nations like Sri Lanka, England etc. have started exercises. When will the Indian stars return to the ground?

Chahal:The circumstances of Sri Lanka are different. Compared to them, our population is more and Corona issues too. When the situation is controlled, only then should the practice begin. You have to take care of the safety of yourself as well as others. Today no one can be trusted. We cannot afford to risk anyone’s life.

So far there is no chance of debut in the test. What do you expect in the upcoming series?
Chahal: I am not thinking about it right now. My whole focus is on withdrawal. I want to go to the ground quickly when I go to the field.
When the batsman hits big hits on your ball, how do you mentally control and overcome them?

Chahal:You have to understand that this is part of the game. It is likely that you may have six sixes in an over or less. You have to be mentally strong. It is not important that if one spell is wasted, then another will also go, there is a possibility of getting a wicket. I try to stay in the present moment.
What did you do during the lockdown period?

Chahal:I stay at home and spend time with family, enjoying things. As far as physical and mental training is concerned, I wake up every morning and do workouts. Rest on sunday

What is your favorite ground? Where do you like to bowl the most?

Chahal:Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. It is also the home ground of Royal Challengers Bangalore. For the first time in T20, 5 wickets were also found there. So enjoy it the most.
How is the TV doing? Not seen an interview for too many days?
Chahal: TV operates only during matches. When there are no matches or on empty days, I interview very rarely or in rare cases.

In the chase board you have many weapons, which you play tricks. What are your vapans on the cricket pitch?
Chahal: There are four types of vepans on the cricket pitch – leg spin, googly, flipper and down spin. I use them according to the circumstances. Depends on what to put for which batsman.


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