Know why former umpire Ian Gold gave wrong out to Sachin Tendulkar in the semi-finals of 2011 ODI World Cup

Former England umpire Ian Gold said that Sachin Tendulkar was given a wrong out in the semi-finals of the 2011 ODI World Cup. At that time, people criticized me for sending me photos of my reaction during the match. Gold said that today he laughs at that decision. However, in the match, Sachin took DRS and was declared notout.

This match was played against Pakistan. In the match, Sachin scored 85 runs and won the team. But, when Sachin was given a wrong out, he was playing only 23 runs.

‘Don’t want to miss that sentence’
Former ICC Elite Panel umpire Gold said, “I rarely remember that incident.” I was criticized a lot for that. After giving me the wrong out, Billy Bowden (TV umpire) said in my ear that the ball is going out of leg stumps. If I remember that incident, I still laugh. “

Gould told cricket website Cricinfo, “Let me tell you that I was not able to laugh at all during the match. Even today, if I had to give a decision, it would have been what it was before, because I had full faith in myself. Can not say how all this happened. Sachin talked to Gautam Gambhir and returned. I thanked God, only then I came to know that Sachin took DRS. “

Like watching South Africa’s Jack Kallis play
The former umpire said, “I love watching Jack Kallis. He is a very brilliant player. Sachin and Virat Kohli are also liked. I was very unfortunate that Ricky could not see Ponting’s best performance. He is the proud captain of Australia cricket and a great captain. “

Gold calls Kohli a fun person
Regarding Kohli, Gold said, “He is one of those people who have a glimpse of Sachin. There is complete Hindustan behind them, but you do not know. When you look at Kohli, you will think of the ideal man. He is well aware of the basics of his game, its past and history. They are funny people. You can sit with them in the restaurant for hours. “

Pakistan defeated Pakistan in the semi-finals
In fact, in the semi-finals of the World Cup 2011, after winning the toss, India scored 260 for 9 wickets. During the innings, opener Sachin was playing 23 runs. Then in the 11th over, Saeed Ajmal’s 5th ball was hit by Sachin’s tree and the umpire Gold gave out. Sachin took the review, in which he told the ball to go out of the stumps. Sachin was not out and played a crucial innings of 85 runs.

Pakistan team was all out for 231 runs and the match was defeated by 29 runs. After this, the Indian team defeated Sri Lanka by 6 wickets in the final. The Pakistan team has never been able to beat India in the ODI World Cup so far.


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