Know how Shahid’s name included in the best all-rounders of Pak cricket team

Shahid’s name is still among the best all-rounders of the Pakistan cricket team, with the former Pakistani cricketer making his presence known for his team’s defeat victory for many years. The name of this smoky player still holds a world record of ODI International cricket which has not been broken.

Let us tell you that Shahid Afridi has scored the most times in ODIs with a strike rate of more than 200. Yes, that’s right, apart from Shahid, no other player in the whole world has been able to do this, in this issue no batsman of the cricket world is anywhere around him. Not only this, Virender Sehwag of Team India, Rohit Sharma, AB de Villiers of South Africa, and even stormy batsmen like David Warner, could not work like Shahid. Huh.

Shahid Afridi has scored a century in the international ODI at a strike rate of 200 or more three times. Although Shahid Afridi has not scored more centuries in his long cricket career, he has scored only 6 centuries, out of which 3 times he has scored centuries on less than 50 balls. It is worth noting that Shahid has never played 100 balls to score a century in ODIs, he has completed every century on less than 100 balls, his figures show how stormy batsman Afridi was.

For your information here, let us tell you that Afridi first scored a century in 37 balls against Sri Lanka team in the year 1996. Shahid’s strike rate in that match was 255.00. After which he hit his second fastest century in the year 2005 against Team India which was hit in 45 balls. Afridi’s strike rate was 221.73 in that match played against Team India. After India, Afridi scored his third fastest century against Bangladesh in the year 2010. Afridi scored 124 runs in just 60 balls in that match, then his strike rate was 206.66.


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