Know about former India captain Sourav Ganguly’s love life

Often you have heard stories of love triangles in the film world. Whenever a third entry is made in the life of two lovers, the relationship is bound to be useless and it is not only with film stars, it has happened in the life of cricket players as well.

Now you must be thinking about which player we are talking about here, so let’s cover the puzzle. Here we are talking about the former captain of the Indian cricket team, whose love try angle stirred in his life.

Former Team India captain Sourav Ganguly made his presence in the Indian team several times. Ganguly was an excellent player as well as a captain of Team India. As much discussion was about his game, he used to remain in the headlines about his personal life. We all know that in the year 1997, Sourav Ganguly married his childhood friend and partner Donna against the family.

For many, the Ganguly-Dona pair is still a role model. All was going well in the initial days, but the twist in the story came when a Bollywood Hasina entered the life of Sourav Ganguly. The name of that actress is Nagma, who has been a known actress not only of South films of her time but also of Bollywood films, who is also a politician.

So let us now tell you how the first meeting between Nagma and Sourav Ganguly took place. Two years after the marriage of Sourav Ganguly, i.e., during the World Cup in 1999, Nagma and Sourav Ganguly met, after which both the names were discussed in the media. According to the news, the two were spotted together in a temple a little away from Chennai. After which there was a lot of discussion in the media about their relationship. However, neither Sourav nor Nagma ever spoke to the media about their relationship. But the name of both of them started to be discussed so much that it also had an impact on Sourav Ganguly’s married life.


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