Irfan Pathan, former Team India bid to play cricket in the stadium

The former Pacer of Team India has compared playing cricket in the empty stadium to the marriage of bin Barat. Irrfan believes that a cricketer will feel as if the marriage looks incomplete without a wedding procession when he has to play matches in the empty stadiums.

Let us remind you here that the IPL 2020 was postponed in March due to the coronavirus havoc and now cricket boards all over the world are trying to restart the game, but now whenever cricket If it starts, this game will be played in empty stadiums.

The Covid-19 epidemic has also clouded the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia later this year. According to reports, if the T20 World Cup gets postponed, the BCCI will organize the IPL at that time. The important thing here is that even if somehow the BCCI gets passed in organizing the IPL, whenever there is a game, it will be behind closed doors. There is no doubt that playing in the stadium filled with spectators during the Corona Virus era is a huge threat in terms of security.

It is for these reasons of security that Irfan has described playing cricket in such an environment like marrying a bin baraat. He said, ‘Marriages seem incomplete without wedding processions. We will feel the same when the IPL is played without fans. But marriages also take place without wedding processions. Many people go to court and get married. Finally, the marriage takes place. ‘

Pathan further said, “Without the audience, there cannot be an atmosphere which is noisy on the ground when the audience hits fours and sixes. Due to the epidemic, people want to see live cricket action. Regardless of your age, everyone wants to see the same environment. ‘For your information, let us tell you that the BCCI canceled Team India’s tour of Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe a few days ago. It remains to be seen when the Indian cricket team returns to the ground.


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