International Cricket Council (ICC) released new guidelines for the return of cricket after Corona

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has released a new guideline for the return of cricket after the havoc of Coronavirus. Like football, the ICC has asked players to do exercises in 4 phases in cricket.

Football club players in Spain, Italy and England are doing exercises in 4 phases. Apart from this, the ICC has also made new rules regarding umpire, ball and its use. Not only this, all cricket boards will have to organize a training camp of the team in isolation 14 days before any tournament or series.

The ICC has also banned the application of saliva on the ball. Umpires have also been advised to wear gloves while keeping the ball. Not only this, along with the players present on the field, the umpire will also keep the hand sanitized at regular intervals while using the ball. The guideline talks about organizing separate exercise camps, health, temperature testing and the need for Kovid-19 testing before the match.

The ICC has also said that the health of the players will be kept paramount. The Chief Medical Officer will also be appointed for that. Training in four phases will begin with exercise alone. In the first phase, players will exercise alone. After this, in the second phase, three or less players will exercise together. In the third phase, less than 10 players can train together. At the same time, the entire team can exercise together in the fourth phase. During this time, players will have to follow social distancing.
During the match, it was seen that the players gave glasses, hats or sweaters to the umpire, but this will not happen now. They will not be allowed to do this. Even water bottles and towels cannot be shared. Players will now have to get ready from the team hotel instead of the stadium. With this, they will avoid using the common facility. Even during celebrations, one has to keep in mind whether they are following social distancing or not.


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