Indian Premier League (IPL) is likely to happen for the next month

The Ministry of Home Affairs released the guidelines for the fourth phase of the lockdown on Sunday night. In this, approval was given to open stadium and sports complex. But the ban on domestic and international flights will continue till at least 31 May.

In such a situation, both domestic and foreign players will not be able to travel. So the chances of the Indian Premier League (IPL) happening for the next 4 months are less.

The BCCI has also issued a statement saying that the central government has continued the restrictions on air travel till May 31. In such a situation, the board will not hurry to start the training or tournament of the players.

We will not start training in a hurry: BCCI

Board Treasurer Arun Dhumal said, “Safety of players is important for us. No such decision will be taken, which will affect India’s efforts to deal with Corona.

The monsoon season starts from June 1

The monsoon season in India is from 1 June to 30 September. However, changes in this pattern are being observed. In most parts of the country, it is active only till June 15. This time too, the monsoon will be delayed by 4 days in Kerala. Talking about the IPL, it is almost impossible to be in India from June to mid-October in view of the monsoon.

Team India’s busy schedule till September

Team India has to play 3 ODIs and 3 T20 series in their home from Sri Lanka in June-July. After this, there are 3 ODIs to play in Zimbabwe tour in August. The Asia Cup will also be held next month. The Indian team will be busy from the third week of August to November 15. During this time there will be only 7 days gap. If the BCCI cancels these series by taking a one-sided decision for the IPL, then the ICC can take action against it.

T20 World Cup in October

T20 World Cup is to be held in Australia this year. The tournament will be held from October 18 to November 15. If the T20 World Cup fails or cancels, the IPL is expected to last from December to the whole of December.

T20 World Cup decision in ICC board meeting

The Board of International Cricket Council (ICC) is scheduled to meet on May 28. There will be a decision regarding the fate of the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia. The BCCI and IPL franchises are eyeing this meeting.

What do franchise owners say

The franchise owner of the IPL is still expected to belong to the league. But before this, there are many ground tasks, which is important to complete for the tournament. The CEO of Chennai Franchisee Kashi Vishwanathan has to say that the order of the government is positive. But we have to see when the spectators are allowed to come to the stadium. How will you play if you are not allowed to travel? There are still many restrictions in the Containment Zone.

Tournament expected in closed stadium: KKR

Kolkata franchisee CEO Vanki Mysore said- I think the condition will improve by the end of the year, then the league can be made. If we are close to conducting the IPL, let us assume that the tournament will be held in a closed stadium. Wherever sports activities have started in the world. This measure has been adopted there. It is right that due to this, ticket revenue, food and beverages and team related goods will be affected.

Balls of the Government and Board: Kings XI Punjab

Punjab CEO Satish Menon has to say that now the BCCI and the government have to decide whether they want to get the 13th season of IPL or not. I think the safety of the players and the country is paramount. Even if the IPL happens in an empty stadium, the players and franchisees will be happy with it.

What do the players have to say on this
Speaking about the match in the empty stadium, Indian captain Virat Kohli has to say that honestly, we have a habit of playing in front of a crowd of spectators. In such a situation, if there are matches without fans, then you do not know how the players will take it. But tournaments abroad are also starting like this.

Ready to play without audience: Cummins

At the same time, Australian bowler Pat Cummins, sold for the most expensive 15.5 million in the IPL-13 auction, hopes that the IPL will be this year. They have already said that the first importance is the safety of people and players, while the second condition is to be normal. If this means that we have to play without audience for some time, then it should be approved. Because even if people sit still, they will be able to watch the match.
64 foreign players in 8 teams of IPL
There are 189 players in 8 teams of IPL. Among them, 64 are foreigners. It is now impossible for them to come to India by May 31, because there is a ban on all types of domestic and foreign flights in the country. At the same time, foreign boards also will not allow their players to come to India until the corona stops.

3 thousand crore loss due to cancellation of IPL
BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal has already said that IPL cannot be canceled directly. If the tournament is canceled, there will be a loss of about 3 thousand crores.


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