Indian fast bowler S Sreesanth will once again step on the field

Indian fast bowler S Sreesanth can once again be seen wreaking havoc with his ball on the field. Actually the Kerala Cricket Association has decided

That if Sreesanth proves his fitness then he can be selected for Ranji team. Sreesanth is away from the cricket field due to the ban imposed after the IPL fixing in 2013 and his ban will come to an end in September.
On the chances of Sreesanth’s return, Kerala captain Sachin Baby said that he is very happy, because Sreesanth is like a brother to him. Sachin said that for the last seven years I have been waiting for him to play for Kerala. We will work together. Will practice and travel. The bonding between us is good. Even for the last two years, when he was not playing and I was a captain, he would often tell me what to do. In a chat show, Sachin Baby said that Sreesanth often says that we should play the Irani Trophy. The winning team of the Ranji Trophy plays. Whatever they tell me, I convey that to my teammates.

Ability still exists in Sreesanth
Last year, a video went viral in which Sreesanth was seen bowling Sachin in the indoor net. According to the Times of India, Sachin said that veteran bowler Sreesanth still has ability. The Kerala captain said that all of us are waiting for him. After the lockdown, they are planning to play a match if the grounds are ready. Match fitness is very important. It is still rainy season in Kerala. Planning to play matches in July.

Although the BCCI has not taken any decision regarding the Ranji Trophy event yet, Sreesanth will be part of the team’s camp starting in September. Important bowler from Kerala Sandeep Warrier is scheduled to play for Tamil Nadu next season after which it is expected that Sreesanth can be given a chance in the team.


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