Indian fast bowler Mohammad Shami increased his agility in this way

Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami left his village before the lockdown was declared in the country due to the corona virus epidemic.

For the last 3 months, he is present with his family in his village Sahaspur Alinagar in Amroha district of UP. During this time, he is also constantly working hard to keep himself fit, whose videos he shares from time to time on social media with his fans. Now Shami has tried a unique way to increase her agility, whose video she has also shared with her fans.

Shami is running with her dog
Actually, in the video Shami shared with her fans, her pet dog Jack is also present. He captioned the video, ‘With Speed ​​Work Jack. In this video, Shami is seen running fast in his fields with Jack. During almost the entire race, Shami beats his dog, but in the last moments Jack Akemit equals Shami by increasing his speed as if he was giving Shami a chance to win.

Shami is constantly practicing in the village fields
In the current fast bowling lineup of the Indian cricket team, Captain Virat Kohli is relying more heavily on Shami for the Test match. Shami has also proved the confidence of Kohli by taking more wickets than his fellow bowlers during the last season. He also had a hat-trick during the World Cup. Shami knows that in the upcoming season he will again have to play the lead bowler of Team India, which will require tremendous fitness. For this reason, during the lockdown, Shami was seen continuously practicing for fitness in the fields of his village. Along with running in the fields, he is trying to increase his strength by doing wet training at home.

Doing net practice with the children of the village
Shami is also doing net practice in his village with the children playing cricket. In fact, after not bowling for so long, it is very difficult to achieve the same old rhythm. Shami knows this. That is why they do not want to keep themselves away from bowling in the village. He also shared a video of bowling with the children of the village with the fans.


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