Indian Cricketers Association (ICA) did this big job for Bengal cricketers amid Corona epidemic

Corona virus infection is continuously spreading in India. The death toll due to this has reached 13,699 in the country so far while the number of infected has crossed four and a quarter lakh.

The Government of India is constantly working out ways to control this epidemic. In this difficult time, all the people of India have come forward and are giving aid to help the infected.

The Indian Cricketers Association (ICA) has extended a helping hand to four and former cricketers of Bengal amid the Corona epidemic. These include three women cricketers.

The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) said that 80,000 rupees have been provided to former women cricketer Sumita Mukhopadhyay and 60-60 thousand rupees to Ila Das and Iti Dutta from ICA. Similarly, former cricketer Nandu Chandavarkar has also been assisted with Rs 80,000.

Ila Das thanked the ICA and the cab, saying, “I am thankful to both of them for supporting me in this odd situation. I live with my ailing mother. I am unemployed as the coaching camp is closed due to Corona.” Cab president Abhishek Dalmia helped me when the lockdown started and now the ICA has extended a helping hand. This is one of the best things cricket has ever given me. “

Significantly, the ICA has already provided financial help to five former cricketers from Bengal. At the same time, Sourav Ganguly, the current BCCI president and formerly the chairman of the cab, has done much to help the people infected with Corona. He has sent sweets and chocolates in gratitude on behalf of his foundation for Corona Warriors in this difficult time, from arranging food for the poor.


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