Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli sweats in the lawn of home

The captain of the Indian cricket team is counted as one of the few sports players in the current sports world who work hard on their fitness. Not only Team India, currently the most successful batsman in global cricket, Virat always considers his fitness as the biggest reason for his success.

However, the curiosity of knowing how Virat is able to maintain his fitness in the era of Corona virus epidemic that is wreaking havoc everywhere can be seen in every fan in the last few days. Usually, Virat, who has been posting his photos on the social media from the gym etc., did not do any such thing recently, but now Virat himself has removed the curtain from this doubt.

Uploaded videos of doing fitness in home lawn

Virat Kohli has uploaded 2 photos on his Instagram, in which he is seen vigorously sprinting on the lawn of his home. In a video made from different angles, Virat is running fast from one end to the other end of the 50-meter-long lawn, and is returning as fast as he can. This is something like, the player runs in the yoyo test. However, YoYo test does not have to run that long. His pet dog is also present there during Virat’s running.

Video looks of Gurugram house

These fitness videos of Virat Kohli seem to be in his home in Gurugram i.e. Virat is living in Gurugram leaving his luxurious flat in Mumbai, the worst sufferer of Corona epidemic. Please tell that Gurugram has not yet come under the grip of this epidemic. Despite being extremely close to Delhi becoming a tremendous hotspot of Corona infection, only 166 people have been found suffering from this epidemic in Gurugram. In such a situation, this city can be called a very safe destination for the captain of Team India.

A luxurious gym is built at home

Virat is so fond of fitness that he has built a luxurious gym in his home. They work hard on their fitness in this gym and are ready to play big innings for Team India. While being in Gurugram many times, he has shared videos and photos of this gym with his fans.


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