Indian Captain Virat Kohli made a big request to people on social media

The new Captain (Virat Kohli) and (Sachin Tendulkar) have put the symbol in their profile photo on Twitter, praising those who risked their work during the () epidemic.

Kohli and Tendulkar praised and also thanked the citizens for their help at all times of difficulty. Kohli urged to put the emblem on his DP.

Praised by tweeting
The national captain, who has scored 70 centuries in internationals, has written from the Twitter handle that in any disaster, attack and the conditions that make it stand with the citizens. Today, when she is fighting a war against the streets, I have decided to honor her by putting the symbol of Twitter on my DP. You support me in this endeavor. Tweeted, ‘Mumbai and all the forces are working 24 hours so that we can be safe. Many thanks to all of you. ‘

Yogada also given for Mumbai’s welfarenot
The former captain (Virat Kohli) had also donated to PM Cairns earlier and now he came forward to help Mumbai. And his wife Anushka Sharma contributed to Mumbai’s welfare. Mumbai Parambir Singh said that Anushka Sharma, the captain of the national team and his wife, actress Anushka Sharma, has given a support of five lakh rupees for the welfare of the epidemic. Earlier, Kohli and Anushka had donated to the PM’s Cares Fund and CM Relief Fund to help in the fight against K, but did not disclose this amount.


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