If you want to curly your hair, follow these home remedies

Nowadays girls are crazy behind fashion. Girls prefer less straight hair and more curly hair. In such a situation, curling hair machine can prove to be fatal for hair, but girls can curly their hair by adopting home remedies.

Follow these home remedies:

Peak: To curl your hair, do not apply oil on your hair at night, make several peaks tightly and open these peaks in the morning, your hair will curl.

Pin the wet hair: After washing the hair tie the hair with pins and curls after squeezing the water from the hair and keep it tied till it dries. After that, unzip your hair.

Hot rollers: You can resort to hot rollers if you want. Curl your hair with the help of these rollers and later unravel them with the help of fingers.

Curling Iron: If you want to curl your hair, heat the curling iron and curl the hair.

Pin curls: Pin curls can be used to curl your hair. It is considered the best option for styling hair.

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