If you are not getting the desired groom in your life then worship Ganesha like this

In any auspicious work, Ganesh ji is first celebrated by which all the works are made. All the works of Ganesh ji’s blessings are done without any hindrance. If you also want to get the blessings of Lord Shree Ganesh, then worship Shree Ganesh with true mind and reverence.

Worship Method of Shri Ganesh:

Get up early in the morning on Wednesday and retire soon from regular work etc. In the afternoon, install a statue of Lord Ganesha of gold, silver, copper, brass or clay according to the strength.

After the Sankalp Mantra, worship Shree Ganesh with Shoshopchar. Offer vermilion. Saying Ganesh Mantra (Ung Ganpatayai Nam :), 21 Durva Dal were offered.

Offer 21 ladoos of jaggery or boondi. Offer 5 laddus near the idol and donate 5 to the Brahmin. Distribute the remaining laddus as prasad.

In puja, recite Lord Shri Ganesh Stroth, Atharvashirsha, Dangerous Sources etc. Provide Brahmin food and after providing Dakshina to them, take food on their own in the evening. If possible, fast.

By observing the fast with faith and devotion, by the grace of Shri Ganesha, the desire is fulfilled and continuous success in life is achieved.

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