How the show ‘Bigg Boss’ x Contestant Sophia Hayat and Rohit Sharma started the relationship

TV’s most popular and controversial show ‘Bigg Boss’ viewers love it. At the same time, you will remember the ex-contestant of the reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’, with whom the news of the affair of the Indian cricket team’s star batsman was very much discussed. Yes, in the year 2012, reports of Rohit Sharma and Sophia Hayat being in relationship were very much discussed.

The news of photos and dating of these two had become the headline of many newspapers. However, the sooner the news of his affair came to the media, the faster the news of the break up of Rohit and Sophia. Last year, Sophia Hayat herself made many revelations about her and Rohit’s relationship. According to the news, Sophia is writing a book which will also mention about her and Rohit’s relation.

Sophia Hayat told in an interview how she and Rohit Sharma first met in London and kissed Rohit in their first meeting. Sophia told in this interview, ‘I first met Rohit Sharma at a club in London. At that club, I had arrived for a wrap-up party for my film, where a friend of mine identified me with Rohit, at that time I was dancing. I did not even recognize Rohit because I did not watch cricket. When my friend introduced me to Rohit, we both started talking and while talking, I and Rohit went to a corner, where Rohit surprised me and kissed us, after which we both also danced. ‘

Apart from this, Sophia also told that after four days of that meeting, Rohit had come to stay at her house. After which both spent much time together. Sofia told that whenever she came to India, both of them either spent time at Rohit’s house or in the hotel. Apart from this, Sophia praised Rohit Sharma in this interview and said, ‘He is a good person, both of us had a great time with each other and we loved each other very much, but Later when the media came to know about the relationship between the two of us, we reduced the interaction. ‘

After this Sophia Hayat talked about her and Rohit’s separation and said, ‘I felt very bad when Rohit told me only one of his fans in one of his interviews, after which I broke up with him. Had taken and after that I ended all relations with him. ‘

Now, how much truth is there in these things, only Rohit and Sophia know, but in the year 2015, Rohit Sharma added his name to Ritika Sajdeh forever, ie Rohit and Ritika got married. Both have also become parents of a daughter. At the same time, Sophia also married her boyfriend, Wled, but the relationship of the two could not last long and they separated. Today Sophia Hyatt is single.


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