Host Cricket Australia (CA) is hopeful of this year’s T20 World Cup

Host Cricket Australia (CA) has little hope about the T20 World Cup to be held this year. However, CA chief Kevin Roberts believes the Indian team may tour Australia at the end of the year. It is 90 percent likely. Both teams have to play 4 Tests and 3 ODIs in November-December.

This year the T20 World Cup in Australia is to be held from 18 October to 15 November. Foreign travelers are banned in Australia until September due to coronavirus. In such a situation, the expectation of this tournament of 16 nations is very less.

Only the ICC will decide on the World Cup
Roberts said that it would be very difficult to bring 15 teams between Corona to Australia and conduct the tournament. He said, “Nothing clear can be said about it right now. But the condition is slowly improving. You do not know what is likely to happen in the future and what is not. The ICC (International Cricket Council) has to decide completely about the tournament. “

‘There is nothing like certainty in the world today’
Asked about the question of hosting the Indian team, Roberts said, “I think there is nothing like certainty in today’s world, so I cannot give it a number of 10 out of 10 by taking it (test series).” But I can definitely give 9 out of 10. We should just wait and see what happens. “

Australia can visit England before hosting India
For the time being, the Australia board is planning to play the ODI and T20 series on the tour of England before the series with Hindustan. England have to play home series with West Indies and Pakistan in July and August. After this, Australia team can go on England tour. Roberts said, “The safety of the players is more important to us, but if the Pakistan and the Windies tour passes, the series could be from England.”


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