Former US Olympic boxer mayor wreaks havoc on Corona virus

US lightweight boxer Mikela Mayer has been found infected with Kovid-19, due to which she will not be able to participate in the match two days later. The match was the first major boxing match to be held in Las Vegas after the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic.

The mayor told social media on Sunday that his test for corona virus has come positive. He was scheduled to meet Helen Joseph at the MGF Grand Garden Arena on Tuesday.

Meyer is a former US Olympic boxer. He has won all the 12 matches he has fought so far on the professional circuit. He won five of these matches in the knockout.
This boxer said that the result of his test has come on Saturday and he is infected with the virus.

He said, “The results of the tests of the other members of my team have come negative. I was really excited about the return of boxing to all of you and now I am very disappointed. “Let us know that the number of people infected with the corona virus (Kovid 19) epidemic in the world has reached more than seven million, while So far more than four lakh people have died due to its infection. According to the latest data from the Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) of America’s John Hopkins University, Corona virus has infected 70,07,948 people worldwide and has killed 4,02,709 people.

In the issue of being affected by the corona virus, America is first in the world and Brazil is second and Russia is in third place. On the other hand, according to the statistics of deaths from this epidemic, America is first, Britain is second and Brazil is third.


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