Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi made this big claim about this Indian cricketer

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has been in the news for the past few days. Recently, after spewing poison against the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi (in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir), he has come under target of everyone.

Meanwhile, a video of Afridi is going viral, in which he claims that some time ago, Kashmir cricketer Mir Murtaza came to Pakistan. According to him, Murtaza Wagha, who lives in Anantnag in Kashmir, came to Pakistan via the border and then went to Karachi. According to Afridi, Murtaza stayed at his home for three months.
During this, he gave tips and training to Murtaza. Afridi, who has made the most of the headlines from his poisonous statements against Hindustan, says that Mir Murtaza is a highly talented cricketer. He said that I am available to every cricketer in the world. I welcome anyone who wants to learn from me. If Murtaza wants to learn more in future, I will teach him everything. I will also help in providing them excellent coaching.

Afridi said that Mir Murtaza is the first Kashmiri cricketer to come from Kashmir. They say that Murtaza came to my house. He is a very big fan. He is a good boy. He is working very hard.

At the same time, Mir Murtaza was also welcomed by Lahore Kalander director Atif Naeem Rana. However, questions are also being raised on this video that how one can go to Pakistan from India. Even in this video of Afridi, News18 also does not confirm the truth. How did Murtaza get Pakistan’s visa. Many such questions are arising.

Kashmir’s team made board in Pakistan Super League
A few days ago in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Afridi said that he requested the Pakistan Cricket Board that the next time they organize Pakistan Super League, a new team should be included in it and it will be in its last year. Would like to lead He said that if there is a stadium here, then there should be a cricket academy. Along with this, he said that he wants to take young Pakistani players to Karachi.

Shahid Afridi while talking to the media in PoK said, “I would like to come to Kashmir and watch the matches of the local club there.” I would like to take the best players there with me to Karachi. They can stay with me and exercise. I will also bear the cost of his studies.

Actually Afridi had spoken against Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) that he is suffering from religious disease. Afridi had given a statement after going to PoK, ‘Modi’s biggest disease is in the heart and mind of Modi and that disease is a disease of religion. He is doing politics about that disease. Our Kashmiris are persecuting siblings and elders. They have to answer it. ‘


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